1. Digital Transformation

We develop automation flows for purchasing processes, the evaluation of answers to forms with Artificial Intelligence, the creation of Business Apps for Smartphone/Tablets/Desktops or the availability of data in real time in order to increase convergence between teams. The challenges of companies nowadays are many and they need adequate and safe answers.

To respond to these challenges we use rapid prototyping tools (low-code), which allows the customer have no implementation, alteration or loyalty costs. What are you waiting for? Contact us to find out more.


Step 1 – Complete immersion in your business

We deepen all the practices of your business in order to understand how it works: what are the main challenges, opportunities and specific needs, namely: reading company materials, interviewing employees, and understanding the business routine.

Step 2 – Mapping needs and problems

We use a methodology focused on mapping and prioritizing the needs and problems identified above, working together with professionals from the main areas of your company.

Step 3 – Creating custom solutions

After mapping your company's needs and problems, hypotheses are worked out to create solutions that will transform your business. For this creation, we have specialists and/or partner companies, in addition to the active participation of their team of professionals.

Step 4 - Monitoring and testing

After delivering customized solutions for your company, we carry out tests and monitoring throughout the implementation process in order to verify, through general indicators, how the business is being impacted and whether the end customer is satisfied.

Latest projects developed

Serviços 1
Serviços 2
Technologies: Sharepoint Online, MS Power Apps, PowerBI Non-conformance records - company, business area, creation, update, multiple approval, entry into
Serviços 3
Technologies: Sharepoint Online, WooCommerce, MS Flow, MS PowerApps, Google Maps Integration of orders coming from the Website with management platform
Serviços 4
Technologies: Sharepoint Online, JotForm, MS Flow, MS Planner Internal and External Contract Management Module Date Based Notifications
Serviços 5
Technologies: Sharepoint Online, MS Power Apps Block entry module and automated cost calculation based on measures
Serviços 4
Technologies: Sharepoint Online, Zoho Recruit, JotForm, MS Flow Online recruitment and integration of Zoho Recruit with the automated RHSend platform

2. IT Management

Leave the pockets of hours behind and embrace the world of IT Management. Pay a fixed monthly fee for technical support for a given equipment and end the worries associated with its IT infrastructure. We guarantee the continuity of your information systems so that you can guarantee the continuity of your business.

3. Purchasing Center

Send us your requests for quotations for equipment or services and we will take care of obtaining the best price, delivery times and even parameterizations, if you wish. Our vast network of partnerships allows us to be competitive in the most varied customer needs.

If you have used equipment that you want to sell, whether it is in good or bad condition, talk to us so that we can obtain purchase prices from our partners. In addition to the monetary value you will also receive CO2 certificates for your used equipment.

Simplify your purchases, centralize everything in a single monthly bill and have more favorable credit terms. 

Press the "Contact Us" button below and we will respond to your requests without any commitment.

4. Consulting

We advise, develop and accompany the client on all projects that he/she needs. Do you have a need and don't know how to solve it? Any questions you would like to be clarified? We are by your side.

Click the “Contact Us” button below to schedule a meeting and let us know better about your project(s).