Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the set of indispensable tools for any company that wants to be productive in the century. XXI.

Combine the Office applications you are used to (Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint) with the collaboration and team management applications (Onedrive, Teams, To-Do, Planner), enhancing the digital transition of companies with Forms , Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI and all integrated into a secure and constantly evolving ecosystem.

We have been Microsoft partners since 2016 and we have the know-how necessary to help companies start using this whole range of services - no implementation costs, no integration costs!


Adobe is one of the world's leading companies in productivity software and graphic design. The famous Adobe Acrobat DC software is the most effective tool for editing PDFs, extracting and converting images into a searchable format and digitally signing documents using the Adobe Document Cloud.

Add Adobe Creative Cloud tools to synchronize, collaborate, edit and create any type of content and access exclusive content that will allow any design or communication team to become more productive.

As Adobe partners, we are able to resell the entire product range as well as provide technical support to the end user.

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Using the best cybersecurity tool in the world makes life easier for anyone or highly busy IT departments. If your business is growing or is facing security constraints associated with digital transformation processes, most likely your company's future is at risk.

Choose Kaspersky's solution for instant and scalable protection to your business needs.

it_admin_kaspersky Who takes care of Your Safety? IT Admin

All-in-one security, ease of administration for IT managers who take care of multiple tasks, including systems security.

  • No extra servers or costs associated with software deployment.
  • Cloud hosting.
  • Protection for any device - free, integrated mobile device protection.
  • Instant protection through predefined security policies.
    Software always up to date.
cio_kaspersky Who takes care of Your Safety? CIO

The best security tool for organizations with teams responsible for mixed infrastructures and IT department (s).

  • Defend your business with Automatic Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and Sandbox coupling with your endpoint protection.
  • Maximize the number of incidents processed without increasing personnel costs.
  • Prevent the exposure of employees and your business to attacks.
  • Climb easily and nimbly while holding multiple environments and platforms.

Veritas Backup Exec

The Veritas Backup Exec platform is the world leader in system backup and recovery, being deployed in SMBs around the world.

The advantages of this tool over other competitors (Veeam, Acronis, etc.) are related to the TeraByte (FETB) licensing model of monthly information carried, the inexistence of costs with connectors for the Cloud and third-party tools, and the Integration with Azure Instant Cloud Recovery (which literally allows one-click recovery of a system).

This tool is adaptable to any usage scenario (100% cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises) and allows for a reduction in costs compared to competitors, either through adaptable licensing or through the ease of maintaining different locations, all in a single console, as well as such as the excellent global data deduplication capability that allows you to substantially reduce storage costs.

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The Zabbix monitoring platform allows any company to have real-time visibility of the status of any IT equipment - Servers, Routers, Switches, Workstations, Operating Systems and Databases, enabling the correction of failures before they happen and preventing break times for systems as well as employees. 

This tool is indispensable in any type of company - from SMEs, IT Administrators to technical support companies and can be implemented on-site or in the Cloud.

Press the button below and start gaining control over the state of your computer park and network!

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The GLPI platform allows you to centralize all reports of orders / incidents in a single tool that complies with international ITIL standards® Foundation (ITIL® V2). It is an excellent tool for technical support teams at a fraction of competitors' costs (ie ServiceNow, JIRA or Zendesk) with features like:

  • Automatic update based on the status of terminal equipment;
  •  Inventory of equipment, network devices, consumables and any others to be added;
  • Management of licenses, budgets, suppliers, contracts, documents, certificates;
  • Creation of Forms, Project Management, Knowledge Bases (KB) and Alerts pages;
  • Automatic issuance of proforma invoices, work orders and the possibility of integration with LDAP Servers, E-mail;
  • Hundreds of Open Source plugins capable of customizing and adding functionality to the base package, at no additional cost.

This platform is suitable for IT Support Teams, Data Protection Officers (DPO), Quality, Environment and Security Teams (QAS), Project Managers or simply any company that wants to automate its workflows beyond e- mails and shared folders.

With the possibility of being implemented On-site or in the Cloud - become more efficient and be more agile than your competition. Talk to us.


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The 3CX unified communications software combines the functions of a telephone exchange (PBX) with those of Live-Chat and Videoconference, allowing it to accommodate the requirements of companies distributed geographically and / or with remote workstations while maintaining reliability and reducing the cost of communications.

With this solution it is possible to guarantee the continuity of the companies' business through:

  • Web, on-premises or Cloud configuration interface adapted to telework requirements;
  • Completely free web application for communication via website and / or videoconferences;
  • Live-Chat application that can be easily integrated with any website, allowing the full operation of the support and commercial teams;
  • Use your office extensions anywhere using the 3CX apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome and Edge;
  • Integration of calls with CRM Applications via Web Browser;
  • Call-Center features (Agents, Queues, Rerouting, Advanced Assignments, Call-Back, Ticket Escalation)
Are you interested in finding out more? Talk to us or press the link at the bottom of the page for a sample.


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The NEW.IVR tool developed by NewAlliance IT is a professional answering and automatic forwarding system for Voice, SMS and WhatsApp calls that allows any company to have a virtual receptionist who forwards, treats and personalizes the experience of any incoming call and message, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The advantage of this system over a typical telephone exchange is:

  • No initial investment in infrastructure and maintenance costs;
  • Multilingual service in more than 35 different languages;
  • Add your various points of contact in a single personalized service;
  • Forward incoming calls / SMS / WhatsApp to any fixed or mobile numbers, national or international;
  • Customize routing based on time of day, time zone, language, country, active user, etc;
  • Increase the productivity of your employees.
The Cloud implementation allows you to have a fully functional system within a few hours - talk to us or press the link below for a sample.



The NEW.Signage digital signage system is a system based on a Web Cloud server, which is in turn connected to one or more multimedia boxes (Raspberry Pie).

In this way, the system can be placed on any screen (with HDMI port) and does not depend on proprietary solutions (LG, Samsung) that imply a large initial investment, as well as parameterization time. This system works in a turnkey manner and includes a series of pre-parameterized widgets (Google, Weather, Presentations, News, Website, PowerBI, Calendar, Facebook, etc) and pre-configured free graphic templates for other sectors (hotels, restaurants, retail, events, schools, public transport, offices).

Nevertheless, the user is able to create templates from scratch, apply different content schedules to different groups of boxes, at different time periods, and manage an entire global signage infrastructure from a single browser.

The system only needs a screen with an HDMI port, a socket for powering the box and internet connection via WIFI, wired or via mobile data.


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NewAlliance IT as an authorized distributor and provider of Netgate® and pfSense® services provides all sales, parameterization and support services for the Open-Source pfSense® security software.

pfSense® is the world's most trusted firewall software. The software has earned the respect and adoration of users around the world – installed over three million times. Made possible by open source technology. Transformed into a robust, reliable product supported by the community of partners, self-taught and Netgate itself.

Through the acquisition of a firewall certified by Netgate® and with the software pfSense® pre-installed, is entitled to manufacturer support via licensing pfSense® Plus, absolutely free.

the firewalls pfSense® are adjusted to all types of markets, from residential users, businesses, governments, education and telecommunications companies, due to the robustness of the solution.

Contrary to other manufacturers, whose firewall is limited to licensing, pfSense® is completely open, all packages and updates are free and constantly updated, substantially lowering the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the solution compared to its competitors.

In addition to the firewall capability, the software also provides all the following features at no additional cost:

Firewall, Router, Attack Prevention, VPN, Proxy and Content Filtering, Network Services, Configuration Mgmt, User Authentication Mgmt, System Security Mgmt, Resilience/Reliability Mgmt.

In addition to being able to be used via official equipment Netgate®, can also be installed in the Cloud via AWS or Azure.

Have an open-source firewall, security, VPN, user management and much more – learn more at pfSense Plus Resources ( or talk to us below.

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